Wire Wool Workshop
Spinning wire wool is one of the most dramatic forms of light painted and this workshop focuses only on the art of wire wool spinning, this can lead to some truly spectacular images and every single image is truly unique you'll never have two identical spins..This workshop focuses on not only showing you how to wire wool spin but also the different tools that can be used for this style of night photography, in addition to demonstrations of different setups and spin styles, we'll also ensure that you understand wire wool safety and you'll also get the chance to try out wire wool spinning for yourself under the expert guidance of our team

We offer two wire wool workshops, you can either book a place on one of our group workshop or book a individual workshop.

The group workshops dates are published below..if you are interested in a date beyond currently published please contact us and we will endeavor to accommodate your requirements. (we limit these workshops to a maximum of 4 students to a tutor) we limit attendees on our workshops to ensure that you receive the best from us...Workshops start from as little as £65/attendee

Alternatively you can book a individual workshop where you will receive our full and undivided attention while we tutor you in the art of wire wool..to book a individual workshop please contact us, and we shall endeavor to arrange a workshop to suit your needs and date where available..

 We will attempt to ensure that list of workshops and there availability remains current and up to day however the information is not automatically updated so please ensure you contact us as soon as possible to book your position on one of our workshops to ensure you avoid disappointment

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