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Perseid Meteor Shower

Are any of our fans planning on getting out and photographing this years Perseid Meteor shower…at its peak you can expect up to 100 meteors per hour so should make a fantastic natural fireworks display.

The Meteor shower is expected to peak on 12th August however will build up to its peak in the days before

You’ll want to point your cameras towards the north eastern skies

If you do get out we’d love to you to post your results on our wall

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Illuminating the Beacon, this is one of Warwickshire’s famous and a little mysterious as it’s not really clear exactly what it is, as there are no windows, and no doorway…some say it was a windmill, the popular belief is that it’s a old signal beacon that may have had a semaphore tower attached too it…I’ve even heard people link it to the some of the older religious orders….but my personal joke is that because it’s so close to Europe’s Largest Munitions Storage Facilities at MOD Kineton ¬†that its actually a Missile Silo and one day the top will open and a big missile will come flying out….okay I might have watched one too many James Bond Films as a child ¬†

To the actual photo, this is a 20 minute star trail made up of 20 second exposures stacked on top of each other using StarStaX, Mid exposure a Car arrived, I’ve used the illumination from that car to show of the beacon to great effect

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Joining the Space Race

Joining the Space Race

Last night The Night School joined the space race and what a race it was..over on our facebook page we asked our fans what type of photo that they would like to see us post that evening. This is where the fun starts, one of our wonderful fans quickly suggested that we photography the ISS that was passing over the UK that evening a few times, for those that don’t know the ISS is the International Space not being the type of people that like to let our fans down we quickly began to do some research as to what time the space station was set to pass and where in the sky we were going to see it..

Having gathered our data we were good, the sky stayed clear our only worry was making a mistake and pointing the cameras in the wrong direction, with cameras and confidence we set of to what would make a nice location to photograph the wonder that is the ISS as it raced at 17,000 miles an hour across the night sky…

So we started the evening at Chesterton Windmill, in Warwickshire it is just off the historic Roman Road of The Fosse Way, we set up and we waited for the arrival of the space station, I’d synced my phone time with the talking clock earlier that day, and the five minute alarm sounded, we were ready but were we going to be a success?

Well it looks like I got my planning and direction just about spot on for this first pass of the evening, but now the real fun would start and this is where we joined the space race…

As we said earlier the ISS travels at around 17,000 miles an hour now my car is not quite that fast and there’s no police in space so I had to obey the law…we planned to travel from the windmill to another regional landmark to get the second pass of the ISS of the evening..Our Destination was Broadway Tower, in the road this is a trip of 40 miles and the sat nav would suggest a time of an hour to get there by the time we had packed away at the windmill and were in the car and ready to set off, we had an hour and ten minutes to the next pass, this didn’t leave a lot of time spare to get to the next location and be set up…

We are on the road and making great time as it late so there is not much traffic on the road, but most of the way will be minor A and B roads so not a lot of over taking space, and GRRR almost right away we are stuck behind a massive lorry…the space race is on and we are loosing, but then the road opens out and we are passed the lorry and getting back on track…will we make it, the space station is traveling about 16,950 miles faster than us

Well we are now driving up the massive hill that the Tower is located on…waiting for our ears to pop and I’m also hoping it will be a little warmer the last time I headed up there at night I had to fight snow drifts that were over my head and I’m not exactly short at close to 6ft..thankfully there is no snow and it’s nice and warm at a heady 12 degree Celsius, but had we missed the show????

No is the answer the 5 minute warning siren I had set up on my phone was yet to sound, we were there all that was left was to set up the camera and be ready for the pass

So were we set up in time did we win the race or did the space station cross the finish line first

Well we’re pleased to announce The Night School won


So that’s not one but two photo’s of the ISS passing over Broadway tower and a distance of 40 miles cross country in less than 1 hour, and not forgetting the good people 200 miles above us traveling at 17,000 miles an hour who made a fantastic evening for us….

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It’s that time of year again when it’s the optimum time for capturing the Milky Way the galaxy that earth itself is a part of, so naturally as I look out of my office window typing this there is 100% cloud coverage :( But and this is a really big BUT the forecast for the coming few days suggest that we are going to get some clear skies, if this happens you can be sure that the night school team will be out exercising our passion and capturing some images of the Milky Way along the way we will also be bringing you some helpful tips for capturing the Milky Way for yourself…for now though we’ll leave you with this image from last year to wet your whistle

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