Social Media

At the Night School we're embracing social media as a wonderful way to interact with all our fan's, not only by liking or following us will you be able to keep up with all the latest news from the team here but we can also keep up with what you've been up...

We love to get your tweets about what you've been photographing or get your photos posted on our facebook wall to see what you've been doing,  you can even ask us questions there and hopefully we can even answer them...just so long as it's not my credit card pin number as I cannot remember that :D

So please check out the wonderful ways that you can keep in touch with us below....

You can like our page to get regular updates on what we're up to and also post your photos or questions to our page as we love to see what our fans have been up to

to visit and like our facebook page


We love to get your tweet's and via twitter you can also keep up with what we are up to, what we're photographing but not what we had for breakfast

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We have a wonderful new group on flickr that is dedicated to all things relating to nocturnal photography, with the promise we will not post gaudy gif's or silly awards on your photo's 

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