Fireworks Workshop

Fireworks can make the most amazing subjects to photograph though they can also be a little bit infuriating, over the years we've refined our firework photography skills into a fine art to allow us to capture the spectacular colours and shapes that the fireworks form in there fleeting moments of brilliance 

By attending one of our workshops you'll not only learn about photographing the fireworks but also different in camera tricks you can do to create something a little more abstract, thinking about your composition and also planning your photography in relationship with the elements...Firework Photography is about more than just taking the photos..

There are so few opportunities to photograph fireworks that we only offer group workshops, we always look for the best displays in order to make sure that get the best opportunity to capture stunning images and learn all about firework photography.

We will be listing our workshops as soon details have been finalized..if you are interested in a date beyond currently published please contact us and we will endeavor to accommodate your requirements. (we limit these workshops to a maximum of 4 students to a tutor) we limit attendees on our workshops to ensure that you receive the best from us...Workshops start from as little as £65/attendee

We will attempt to ensure that list of workshops and there availability remains current and up to day however the information is not automatically updated so please ensure you contact us as soon as possible to book your position on one of our workshops to ensure you avoid disappointment

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